I have 1000 90g Gold Dot pulls from when RMR was selling them and I need money for my irrigation pump and a new Black Lab puppy so I am liquidating my stash of these because I only hunt with the Barnes TTSX bullets and I have a ton of Nosler 115g Custom Comps for the range.
I have 1000 bagged and boxed and ready to ship USPS Priority for $130 and another 2000 in the wings. I can sell those for $70 shipped for 500 or $130 shipped per 1000. Shipping is $10 regardless of 500 or 1000 so I am not charging more for the split. $60 + $10 or $120 + $10.
Call or text me @ (916) 595-4533 prefer USPS money order or Western union if you want quick shipping or send a personal check and it ships after your check clears (typically within 3-7 days of deposit).
These are cleaned from RMR (no sealant)