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Brother in law ordered and had sent to me, an RC Airplane. Didn't know anything till it showed up. :D
BIG box with a smaller box inside. 3' X 4'. Opened the big box and took out the smaller box. Lots of padding at the bottom of the BIG box. Opened the smaller box to check out what he had sent me.
Small RC airplane that looked like someone had stepped on it. :eek:
Plane mounted in foam blocks and taped down so it didn't shift around in side. Nice pack job BUT, body of plane smashed just in front of the tail AND wing broken off it's mounting position.
Got a good look at the big box and there's a line from top to bottom where someone dropped a refrigerator on it? And a close look showed that crease showed up on the smaller box too.
Phone call and a few pictures sent got a replacement coming BUT, maybe that's the reason prices are higher, to cover the cost of shipping damage.
Be interesting to see how the replacement looks when and if it gets here.:rolleyes:
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