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went to the local indoor range that has a 100 yard line, air conditioned too!

Falkor Defense parts;

1. Falkor full ambi lower,upper,rail,ambi charging handle
2. FailZero BCG
3. Armalite A2 Stock,buffer,spring
5. Superlative adj block
6. ARP Vortex
7. Ballistic Advantage 18" Barrel

performed flawlessly, cycled and extracted everything. the jury is still out on the Superlative block, after about 40 clicks i quit trying to adjust it by the instructions-will likely just use it as a normal block instead of the bleed off. was really trying to get the block adjusted so was using iron sights. it shot good enough for me with the iron sights i'll likely leave it that way.

Aero M5E parts;

1. Aero upper, lower, rail, bcg
2. 16" Ballistic Advantage Barrel
3. Superlative Arms block
4. UTG A2 stock with Armalite buffer and spring
5. ARP JAL muzzle device

as above the jury is still out on the block. rifle digested and spit out the brass every time. lots of recoil, lots. massive visible muzzle flash LOL shot it with irons and a 3x9 Nikon. once i get some lighter bullets loaded up need to take it back out and see what is what. last couple of shots were in the 10 ring on those little targets in the corners of those little diamond targets. i'll likely use irons on it with the lighter bullets as well.

have an Aero M5E Gen II upper and rail that will be here wednesday, i'll put a 20" in that one and use glass when it's assembled and ready to go.

was shooting IMI 149gr FMJ in both, mostly cause i want the brass for some 125 & 130 grain bullets.
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