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For sale is an F1 arms matched billet upper/lower with an 18' faxon arms lightweight gunner barrel. Additional Parts list below:
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BCG - Low Mass bolt carrier and bolt Nickel Boron from AP rhino
Trigger - Nickel Boron from ALG
Stock - BCM
LPK - Rock River
Slide Release - Seekins
Muzzle Brake - Silencerco
Gas block - Odin adjustable 14 position low pro
Spring - JP Custom captured spring - tuned for AP rhino and 65gr 5.56
Charging handle - bcm mod44 ambi
Vortex Strike eagle 1-6 with vortex branded throw lever and ADM mount.

****Rifle Only $1600

Package for Rifle and Scope/mount/lever = 2000

Will Ship to ffl of your choice for $35. Im not FFl, if your FFL needs to come from FFL add 30 to ship from FFL to your FFL.

SAKER SILENCER not included, but available if you must have it for $1000 +transfer if interested.
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