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I would advise you not to waste the $$$$ on a magnifier for these optics.

Since a AimPoint or EO-Tech is a point blank ZERO optic, meaning no reticle for hold overs it is pointless to add a 3x to them. The max range you can shoot is 250yds to 300yds anyhow.

the parallax is a out of the world killer issue, it's the worst you have ever seen, the mounts to make this kind of setup work aren't cheap, and you do not gain any advantage by owning this kind of setup.

Your money would be better spent in training or ammunition costs.


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This is not a "Slap down reply" Just things to think about.

If you have a person with poor eye sight, the first key is to figure out what kind of eye sight they have, near or far sighed?

If they can not see up close, but far down range, a EO-Tech or AimPoint is a BIG HELP!!!!!!

All they got to do is turn up the sight until its just right in the brightness department, and then they can place red on target to get hits.

IF they can see up close 50yds and under, the EO-Tech / AimPoint works also, just keep them in the woods for close range kills.

IF you take your 6.8 SPC run a test to see how accurate it shoots under the best situation. Then do the same in off hand.

Do this five times for each situation, take the avg group size of supported, and off hand. From there find the avg from that.

so this is how it would look.

Prone supported.

Group 1 1 MOA
Group 2 1.25 MOA
Group 3 .75 MOA
Group 4 .50 MOA
Group 5 1.25 MOA

The avg is .95 MOA

Off hand

Group 1 1.50 MOA
Group 2 1.75 MOA
Group 3 2.75 MOA
Group 4 2.50 MOA
Group 5 1.50 MOA

The avg is 2.0 MOA

Take the 2.0 and the .95 and avg it out.

So now my rifle is a 1.475 avg MOA rifle

That lets you know that with a 250yd ZERO I can engage a target no smaller than 1.5 MOA or 3.5" target.

So since a deers kill zone is a 8" round you are well with in the ability of the rifle under the worst and best situation.

Hope that helps and get your dad out there.


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How is the parallax with your setup? Have you all tested this? When I did with the EO-Tech 3x and a EO Tech mount it was 14" of parallax. In a LEO / Military engagement thats the distance between a law suit and a hit.

I am not discrediting the system, I could of had a "bad step" or what ever, but on a rack grade AR-15 16" BBL 1/9 twist I have a 2-3 MOA rifle, with a optic that gives parallax of 14 MOA, I now have a 17 MOA system and thats the system I tested.

Now, the AimPoints might be a whole diffrent world, Or the EO-tech was junk, Or the system I had was junk; had to tell. But hits past 50yds with the 3x "on" did not happen, hits with the 3x past 50yds "off" did happen with the same system.

Whats the point?

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