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Encore Pistol

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Once upon a time, T/C actually made 6.8 factory barrels for the Encore and Contender. I got one early in the game, just in time for Remington to stop making 6.8 brass for several months... :roll: At the time Remington was the only game in town, so I had a grand total of 1 (ONE) case that I had picked up off the range at Fort Benning...

Fortunately, Greg, the admin at ReloadBench.com, had ordered lots and lots of 6.8 brass while it was still available and he took pity on me and sent me a bag. :D

My load:

R-P 6.8 SPC brass
Sierra 110 grain Pro Hunter
CCI BR2 Bench Rest Primers
29 grains Benchmark
2380 fps
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ron169 said:
Have you put any thought into SSA brass? Or would small primer not work? Have you tried any of the smaller bullets availible, such as the 85gr Barnes? What kind of chamber does the barrel have?

Sweet little gun, would make for interesting concealed carry :lol:
:lol: I have carried it concealed in a shoulder holster! Of course I had a heavy coat on...

That load is so accurate in the 6.8, I figure if it ain't broke, don't fix it...:D

I have a couple of 264 RLBs (wildcat based on the 6.8 ) and I use SSA brass exclusively in one of them (small primers). I have some Hornady brass too that I have used.

If Nosler made a 100 grain Partition in 6.8, I think that would tempt me. Using bullets lighter then 100 grains on deer is against my religion... :wink:

It has an original 6.8 chamber, which is not a problem. If I load it any hotter the accuracy deteriorates rapidly because of the muzzle flip.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts