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Effects of cutting a barrel

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Would cutting a barrel from 20" to 16" cause any cycling problems? Or any other problems?
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When you get over .100 it tends to have a noticeable negative effect on accuracy.

6.8 pressure curve even with the same powders like H335 is noticeably shorter and pressures can be 2-5K lower at the port depending on the powder bullet combo and port location.

The larger the port the more effect it has on the size of the pressure drop behind the bullet as it passes.

The STAG 7 has also has other mods to the gas system to help with cycling reliability. There are other things that can be done to aid cycling when you cut duration by shorting the barrel length after the gas port. I need to do some testing to confirm how it well it works and the total effect.

Cutting a 20 to 16 with a rifle gas port will give you a singe shot rifle.
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