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Dmr-c / spc2

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Ok, I did a search for DMR-C and found no results. I fount that odd.

Can someone please tell me which is "better" or what the appreciable differences are in these chambers? I have been juggling the idea of a Bison Armory upper (because I like E.R. Shaw barrels) and on from AR Performance. The only difference I've noticed are the chamber styles. Anyone shed some light?

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If you are comparing barrels they are apples and oranges IMO. One is CL /Nitrided and the other is SS. One uses standard 4 groove the other modified 5R. One is 11 and the other is 11.25 in twist . Comparing the chambers the DMR-C as well as the straight DMR will be more accurate than the SPCII. That was one of the reasons for its design in the first place. The XT barrels will last 2x longer and hold up better to high rate of fire belwo freezing temps as they are 4150CMV and CL or nitrided (=lower maintenance). Bison cost less than the XT barrels. As far as which one is ultimately more accurate there are way to many variables to say for sure. Take a look at some of the posts by users and check targets that are posted will be of some help but then again how well was the load tuned for that barrel etc.. Many many variables.... Some people prefer SS and others prefer CM with CL.
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