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  • hello folks, not a speller here. luv ars learned from the mag. encore nite hunts. tim_w is that i talked too on the land line? my ar-10 s muzzle brake would emite a wall of smoke-the rest of the hogs were where? i counted on my fellow gun hands when i was not alone. took the 10 to gunsmith..??? he did not cut the pin out of the brake as i recammed the threads were gone and the bore was constricted. i had a hunt in two days,my lilwomans 15 just dont put out enough hot lead (62gr) for me,it is a great secandary cover rifle (can write your name on a hogs side). at this point in time i didnt know about this web site . but picked up one of them 1-10 twist rifles, and brothers n sisters it needed grouping help. now i found ko-tonics, dies bullets cases thread protector....pro hunters get tip deformation in the mag. so i wacked em off 2177 coal now 74 k off lans.using rl-7 23.5 24.0 2350 to 2400. fixing to lenthen to 50,40 ,30 what ever works.yall been helpfull "always watch for the rest of em" i cant wait to get up on some hogs" for a funny-bloody true story google(its war on boars, but pork is winning) enjoy, not a good responder here.
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