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DD Making Mags Now

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Check this out... I know what your saying "finally someone came out with mag that address all the issues the current offerings have, and 2 more round too boot". Just in case you cannot read between the lines, I am being sarcastic. I hope they are successful, but I am not going to buy one especially for $20. For a few more dollars I might as well go with Lancer, since they are steel reinforced and see through or go super cheap and get HexMag for $10. The only selling point DD Mag has over the others is 2 extra rounds...

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Well, no...2 more rounds is not the ONLY selling point. There's also the brand name, which is difficult to disparage. They'll sell thousands on that alone...

I look for a BCM branded mag next.
I'll stick with D&H or ASC.
I ordered a couple to try out.

One in the box the other out next to a Magpul EMAG and Hexmag.

Each have their own anti-tilt follower design. D.D. left, EMAG center, Hexmag right.

Well, you can get 32 6X45mm cartridges in these magazines. Not sure about 5.56 or 223 since I don't own that caliber....:a26:

My initial thoughts are these magazines look to be well made.
I like the texture on them. Get a good solid grip without the texture being overly aggressive.
The carbon reinforced polymer gives these magazines a little more rigidity.
Of course the real test comes when I get these out and run them.

To be honest. I think most people will stick to PMAGs or which ever their preferred magazines are.
Not sure if people will spend the extra cash.
I just wanted to try them out.

Will let you know how they do.
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Thanks for the report Glen, let us know you thoughts after extended use.

I agree hard to justify the extra expense when other work so well.

No 5.56 that is UN-American....LOL I am down to one 5.56 all others turned into other calibers and the reason the 5.56 stay that way because I built it for $300 and show off my cheap, reliable, accurate 5.56 all the time.
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