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I had a 527 varmint laminate made into a 6.8 by Weaver Rifles (just do a web search and he'll pop up). I had to buy the bottom metal and magazine, and I also bought a walnut standard stock from someone on the small caliber forums (saubier.com) Those guys are really into 527's. I had to have the bolt opened and the bottom of the receiver opened, as the magazine would not fit through the opening. I don't know if this is just a varmint rifle thing or not. Perhaps Chopper Guy can say if he had to do the same thing or not. I used a Bartlein cut rifled barrel (4 groove 12 twist) with a straight taper from 1 inch to .7 at the muzzle for a 20 inch length. Kevin at Weaver Rifles ordered one of Constructor's DMR reamers from Pacific (if I remember right) and used that for me. He then glass bedded it and put the whole thing together. Weight is right around 7.5 pounds with scope and all. The barrel is probably a little heavier than needed, but I err on the heavy side. Shoots like a house on fire! I havn't had much go bigger than 1 hole. James Calhoun (do a google search, maybe add .19 caliber) will modify your bolt handle for a lower mount for something like 40 bucks. He also has lower mount rings I think he calls them hunker rings. Hope this helps, you will not regret it, awesome hunting riflle.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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