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CZ 527 223 Rem Left Hand as base for 6.8 SPC?

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What is your opinion of this rifle as base for a lightweight left hand 6.8 SPC hunting rifle?

806703 03090 CZ 527 American cal. 223 Rem., 5-round detachable magazine (scope rings incl.) - LEFT HAND VERSION

Would the caliber switch involve more than a new barrel and opening up the bolt face?
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I have thought of that too. I looked at a 527 and tried to fit a 6.8 in the action and the mag. The magazine is a single stack and the 6.8 ammo was almost too long for the action. I think that it CZ would come out with a factory 6.8 rifle, I would buy one.

My first post here. Thanks.
Thanks for the info on the mag.

I'd buy a 6.8 CZ 527 too. But I think the chance of them making a left handed version is about nil.
I'm getting this done up in a right hand version... Changes include: .270 barrel reamed with a 6.8 SPC II chamber, enlarged bolt face and replaced magazine and bottom metal with 7.62x39 parts which will guarantee smooth firing.

PM me if you want the gunsmith's info.

Got the idea from chopperguy (thanks!!):
Thanks for the info & the link to the other thread. PM sent.
I would start with a 7.62x39 if they make a LH one.
-k- said:
I would start with a 7.62x39 if they make a LH one.
I agree, but they only make lefty rifles in .223 and .204 Ruger as far as I can tell.

I did manage to order the bottom metal & a mag for a 7.62x39 rifle from CZ.

I still have to make my way to a store in Kentucky that stocks lefty CZ rifles to pick out a nice one.
ChopperGuy is a good friend of mine. He started with the 223Rem version, then had the bolt face opened up and fitted 7.62x39 bottom metal and magazines. You will have a hard time "shrinking" the bolt face on a 7.62x39 rifle. It shoots great, but he does not like the high scope mount. He had a fix for it, but check out his thread.

On a side note, Mike found that the 110gr Barns-X bullets were worthless on big Minnesota deer. The acted more like a FMJ or solid at 6.8spc velocities and now, like me, he uses 110gr ProHunters or 110Gr V-max bullets for animal shooting.
Check out the story of my 6.8 Lefty CZ 527 build here:


If they made this tifle in 7.62x39, my smith said it would be a lot of work to reduce and make the bolt face work. Much easier to open the .223 bolt face.

My experience with the rifle has been great. I love a light handy mild recoiling caliber for hunting. Especially one with the down range performance of the 6.8.

Wish mine had wood that looked like the one pictured in the post at the top of this topic. The wood I have is practical, nice straight grained and functional. With the bedding and the way it shoots, I'll leave it alone.

That being said, I will not use the TSX bullets again. If I wanted FMJ performance, I'd shoot the FMJ offerings out there. For my thin skinned game hunting with the 6.8 it will be the Sierra Pro Hunters all the way now that I've worked up a load that seems to work well in my rifle.

I like this little CZ so much I have another (.204) that I'm makeing into a 20 Vartarg for a walk around varminter. It'll use the standard 204 bottom metal and the .221 Fireball mags. I'm having a 22" #3 contour barrel on it, bedding the action, etc. Shold be a great rifle for walking the high prairie in Montana.
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I appreciate the reports guys. I am thinking about having one made up as well....
Found this while looking around. might help some. Old article though

I had a 527 varmint laminate made into a 6.8 by Weaver Rifles (just do a web search and he'll pop up). I had to buy the bottom metal and magazine, and I also bought a walnut standard stock from someone on the small caliber forums (saubier.com) Those guys are really into 527's. I had to have the bolt opened and the bottom of the receiver opened, as the magazine would not fit through the opening. I don't know if this is just a varmint rifle thing or not. Perhaps Chopper Guy can say if he had to do the same thing or not. I used a Bartlein cut rifled barrel (4 groove 12 twist) with a straight taper from 1 inch to .7 at the muzzle for a 20 inch length. Kevin at Weaver Rifles ordered one of Constructor's DMR reamers from Pacific (if I remember right) and used that for me. He then glass bedded it and put the whole thing together. Weight is right around 7.5 pounds with scope and all. The barrel is probably a little heavier than needed, but I err on the heavy side. Shoots like a house on fire! I havn't had much go bigger than 1 hole. James Calhoun (do a google search, maybe add .19 caliber) will modify your bolt handle for a lower mount for something like 40 bucks. He also has lower mount rings I think he calls them hunker rings. Hope this helps, you will not regret it, awesome hunting riflle.
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Are you using a 1:10 twist rate with a .270 barrel for this?
Mine was a Remington take off stainless barrel with a 1 in 10 twist.

Using the 7.62x39 bottom metal and mags it feeds the fits and feeds the 6.8 very reliably. You would have to open the mag well in the .223 rifle. The bottom metal was an easy swap out for the smith that did my rifle.

I currently use a set of Warne high rings, but am considering he mod to the bolt handle mentioned above as i want to try a different scope. The high rings are ok for the Trijicon Accupoint, but are going to be too high for the Leupold 1.5-5 I want to put on my rifle.

Mine also shoots GREAT. A very handy little rifle for the woods and fields.

Good luck.
Check out the story of my 6.8 Lefty CZ 527 build here:


Hi Chopper guy, never mind, I fond it!!!!!!!

thanks, Kevin Taylor metalsmith
Chopper Guy and Yote,

I'd really appreaciate contact infor for the smiths you used on this project.

Also, you might be interested in a custom fix that is done to the bottom metal and clip on CZ5 527s that eliminates the unsightly bulge below the rifle stock

You send the botom metal and clips(s) to this guy (whose name I have somewhere atround here, I'm looking) and he carves off the excess, shortens the mags, and refinshes them for @$65. The rifle looks 150 % better, still functions smoothly, and you only lose two rounds capacity. In the field you can still inject a full size clip if you want more capacity.

Thanks for any help,
Another way to go?

Hopefully i am onto something.

I was checking out CZ 527s on Gun Broker and found several Lother Walther custom rifles in 6.5 Grendel. They rnged in price from @$1200 to $2500 depending on the stock. I sent them an email to ask if they could aslo do the 527 in 6.8 SPC . Who knows, it might be doable.

Also last post i mentioned a smith who shortens the mags and shaves off the 'ears' on the reciever on 527 receiverss. Just found his name -- Ron Bertalotto Dartmouth MA at rvbprecisioncom.

Looks doable!

To my surprise I got a response today! The smith siad he could do a Lother Walther custom 6.8 SPC in a 527 for me using a NIB 7.62 factory as a donor. The only extra work needed he said was on the extractor and they can do it for @$100 extra.

We still have some details to iron out -- twist rate,throating, etc.-- but no gig impediments seem to be in the way at this time.

I am planning to ask for a 20" barrel to handle Hornady factor odder and ASA hunti ng rounds. Probably a 1 in 10 twist, with a 6.8SPC II throat. Any thoughts.

I would get a 1-11 or 1-12 with the SPCII chamber, then you will be able to shoot the SSA tac loads no worries, and if you reload you will gain even more.
Well I am gping fprward with it. Essentially it is an out of box standard 527 with a wood stock and a 20" SS Lother Walther barrel added and some extra work on the extracor. Should be done in @5 weeks.

Then I will have the mag shortened at RVB Precision and the bottom metal streamlined.

I'm thinking VX II 2x7 for it. Whate are the best rings and bvases?

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