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Current Stag Arms' parts availability

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I checked out Stag's website the other day, and shot an email to them asking about how current the site was with price and availability. This was their response as of Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, 2009.

"The price you see is current. The current lead time on all right handed uppers, right handed rifles, and lower receivers is 6 months and the current lead time on all left handed uppers and rifles is 3 months. The current lead time on 1-2 lower parts kits is 6-8 weeks. Any more than that is 6 months. We are still taking orders for all products and as a courtesy for you, we do not charge your credit card until we ship the order. If you have any further questions please contact us again."
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Thanks for the update. I am in the market for some spare parts.
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