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sredish said:
I've been thinking of building a new AR and was considering doing it with the 6.8 caliber. Not knowing much about it brought me here during a search so I figured I'd join and investigate.

Welcome Scott,

There is a lot of good information in the various subject threads...but to understand why the 6.8 SPC is the cartridge of choice in an AR...read the following report prepared by one of our own...DocGKR


It will better explain why so many here are converts to the 6.8 SPC...

You will find the 68forum to be a cut above anything else on the net in the professionalism, knowledge and experience of members and their willingness to help. We have a wealth of current and ex military, LEO's, gunsmith's, experienced reloaders and serious shooting competitors anxious to help those interested in the 6.8 SPC.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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