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Currently in stock ready to ship CProducts, LLC AR-15 magazines:

30rnd Dryfilm with either gray or orange followers- $10/ea

Marlube, 6.8spc and 9mm mags enroute as well. Flat $7.95 shipping, over $100 ships free.


Brand new from LMT- their Piston weapon system, the benefits of their MRP combined with the benefits to a piston upper. Get your orders in early- and get free mags too!! There will be a lead time on this product guys. Price is $1,499 shipped.

Orders will be shipped, first come first served on this. Paypal/Gearpay +4%, USPS MO or Cashiers Checks- CC's should be up in ~1 week with no additional fee.

Pacific Gun Sales
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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