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Took my factory Contender 6.8 barrel (23") to the range at Raton, NM last Saturday. Only had two boxes of reloads, so used it at the 500 m silhouette range and didn't shoot for groups on paper.

Load: 115 Sierra, 28.0 H322, 2.32" length

Velocity: 2640 fps, based on backing into the velocity from the trajectory to 500m.

Consistently hit the rams at 500m, shooting with a sandbag under my hand, but only knocked over one of three hit. Nice load for knocking over the pigs at 300m and pleasant to shoot.

Verified trajectory, assuming that the Bushnell Elite 10x40 is tracking as indicated:
200m = 0; 300m = +3.4 moa; 500m = +12.5 moa.

May try some 130 gr loads to see if the rams will fall over.
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