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Compact AR question

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I've seen a lot of talk and even a few pics of really short barreled AR's (AR pistol) on here. Do that many people have a class III licence, or is there some special way to register it as a pistol legally (of-course)? Mavericks has a pic posted in this thread showing what I'm talking about.


My thought is that this would be fun in a 9mm. Smaller to hide under a jacket like a Scorpion, but nowhere near as large as AR15. Can you just purchase an upper and such for these? I've never seen one, or parts for sale for them at any shows.
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Building an AR pistol is actually pretty easy and cheap, probably cheaper than most AR builds. First you need a dedicated Pistol Lower. That is a lower receiver that was built, stamped, and registered as a pistol. You dont even have to pay a tax stamp for the lower like you do on a short barreled rifle. Here is where it gets a little tricky. On an AR Pistol, there are 2 main rules you have to follow.
1) you cant have a stock, if you put a stock on pistol lower with a barrel less than 16 inches, its considered an unregistered SBR.... and illegal!
2) WHen in pistol form, you cannot attach a vertical foregrip to it. That would be considered an unregistered "Any Other Weapon" and as such, a violation of federal law!

Tada, a Spikes stamped Pistol lower:
http://www.spikestactical.com/z/index.p ... ucts_id=51
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Clint said:
and what about the buffer tubes and buffers?

Standard CAR?
special pistol?
Spikes has a dedicated Pistol buffer tube setup, that you can even get a Rubber padding for. I remember one company had a more compact buffer tube, but I believe it messed the timing up some.

http://www.spikestactical.com/z/index.p ... ucts_id=69
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