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By posting here you agree to these terms. **Updated 2/16/17 **

Equipment Exchange Rules
You must have 50 posts and be an active member of the community to list ads in the Equipment Exchange. Post padding will result in deleted posts and/or a locked account.

Offering to sell an item in a WTB AD " Want to Buy AD" without having 50 posts is no different. If you can't list your item to sell on your own for lack of 50 posts then do not offer it up in a WTB AD.

Post Padding Definition: Welcoming new members to the forum, when you're a new member with less than 50 Legitimate Posts. Multiple 1 liner posts in a short time frame which draws attention to the whole community making it pretty evident of your goal to reach 50 posts.


The thread creator/OP CANNOT reply to their own ad (bump) within 72 hours of any last post. However direct responses to questions are permitted. The forum has a set parameter to limit editing of any forum post including the Equipment Exchange sections of 24 hours from time of original post. Any change in price or description can be made in your original post within that 24 hour time frame. After the 24 hours is up, you'll not be able to edit your original post or make changes. You must allow 72 hrs to elapse before replying/editing/bumping your own post.
Exceptions; You may reply to direct questions or edit to mark your item as SOLD. Handling correspondence through PM's is preferred when making deals and answering questions, it keeps the clutter down and unwanted bumps. If a situation arises where you want to withdraw your ad, PM a moderator to request your ad be deleted or closed.

General Rules:

1. All ads should be placed in the appropriate forum. In other words if it is directly related to the 6.8SPC then it goes in the first sub forum. If it is firearms related but not 6.8SPC it goes in the second and if not firearms related it goes in the third sub fourm.

2. If placing an AD for sale or trade you must list a price or trade value.

3. You MUST have valid contact information to post here, and provide it to Staff on request. Your private messaging and e-mail must be turned on as well as providing a valid e-mail address

4. No auctions (or links to auction sites), unless specifically authorized by 68forums.com. Accepting higher than stated prices for an item is considered 'taking bids' and is not allowed. If receiving a higher than advertised price is important to you, list your item on an auction site. Moreover, "Or Best Offer" is understood on the EE to mean best offer up to the listing price, not best offer above the listing price.

5.Absolutely NO links or comments suggesting ANY item(s) for sale outside the EE. No links to 68forums sponsors either. The EE sections are for Forum Members selling, swapping and wanting to buy from other members. To Clarify; Absolutely NO business names or hot links to any business or to any other web site or forum exchange is allowed to be posted in any EE Thread.
Please feel free to send the OP a PM with information if you know where he can find an item but do not post it in the EE.

6. All group buys must be authorized by the site admin/mods in advance of posting.

7. Absolutely no stomping on other peoples' posts! Do not remark in any way that would negatively impact the sale of someone's merchandise. This can result in your account being locked.

8. No posting of anything illegal. The buyer is responsible for knowing laws in their locality and the seller should exercise due diligence in determining any prohibitions to the items being sent to the seller's address.

9. Don't use a secondary "shill" account to ask a phony question or post any other messages, thus bumping your own ad. This will result in BOTH accounts being locked!

10. An Equipment Exchange feedback section is provided for positive and negative reviews of transactions. Buyers and Sellers are both encouraged to use it.

11. You must handle your transactions in a timely fashion. If you can't, don't buy it or sell it.

12. Do NOT post to any ad stating you wish you had the $ to buy said item or you asked your wife and she said NO or any post not directly wanting to purchase an item in an ad. Only serious questions will be allowed.

13. Do NOT clutter the OP's ad up with multiple posts with questions, offers for trades, pictures of what you have to trade etc. Use the PM=private messaging to work out your trades, share e-mail address and or phone numbers through private messaging and work out your trade.

14. And lastly, please maintain a reasonable level of civility. If an issue arises, it should be handled as mature adults. Contact a moderator if assistance is needed.

Sellers -- Be 100% sure that you want to sell the item and are satisfied with the selling price. If you back out of a deal AFTER you've agreed to sell it to a particular buyer, your account MAY BE LOCKED! By agreeing to sell an item you are responsible for the item getting to the buyer as described. Consider insurance and beware selling items to users with low or no post counts!

If the items in your ad sell before the 24 hour edit is up, DO NOT delete or alter the original post including the selling price etc., this protects you and the buyer

Do not post items for sale that you do not have in your possession. Also, do not list items for sale unless you are 100% positive that you wish to sell them -- no "testing the waters" to gauge buyer interest or taking pre-orders. "What's it worth" threads in the technical forum may be considered a violation of this.

Buyers -- Be 100% sure that you can financially afford to purchase an item before offering to do so. If you back out of a deal AFTER you've agreed to buy from a particular seller, your account MAY BE LOCKED!

Just to be clear: There will be no commercial sale ads allowed in the EE unless you are a site sponsor/industry partner. Please contact a moderator if you want to become an industry partner.

Most importantly:
This Equipment Exchange operates on honesty and integrity. If you cannot handle deals in an appropriate manner, don't post here! If you break our trust, it will be noted in our feedback forum -- selling rights may be removed and/or your account here will be subject to lock. All items listed for sale must be described in an honest fashion! Do not attempt to represent replica (AirSoft, etc.) parts/products or cheap knockoffs as if they were name brand/OEM equipment! Do not knowingly sell defective products without acknowledging the defect.

And lastly, please maintain a reasonable level of civility. If an issue arises, it should be handled as mature adults. Contact a moderator if assistance is needed.

By posting in the forums, you agree to these terms.

Thank you,

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