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CMMG 6.8's moving to SPC II and 1:11

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Jeff from CMMG announced in a brief comment that they are moving to SAAMI II (SPC II) chambers and 1:11 twist. They already had the SPC II chamber, but the twist is a change from their 1:10's.

It sounds like the intro is down the line some when production catches up, as we've seen in the rest of the industry like RRA's 1:11 barrels.

They already have "extended feed ramps" listed as a feature, so I'm hoping their ramps are good enough for the 90 grain loads that are hanging up in Stag 6.8s. If not, I think I'll start a Dremel rental company and become a site sponsor. 8)
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I ordered my next 6.8 upper from CMMG. My next project is with the 18" SPR Mid-Length gas system and Rifle-Length sight radius (Model# M18M). According to a timeline thread on another website, it will probably be awhile. Patiently waiting 8)
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