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CMMG 6.8's moving to SPC II and 1:11

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Jeff from CMMG announced in a brief comment that they are moving to SAAMI II (SPC II) chambers and 1:11 twist. They already had the SPC II chamber, but the twist is a change from their 1:10's.

It sounds like the intro is down the line some when production catches up, as we've seen in the rest of the industry like RRA's 1:11 barrels.

They already have "extended feed ramps" listed as a feature, so I'm hoping their ramps are good enough for the 90 grain loads that are hanging up in Stag 6.8s. If not, I think I'll start a Dremel rental company and become a site sponsor. 8)
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marinesg1012 said:
thats good news the more companies that switch the better chance the ammo companies will catch up.
Unfortunately they will keep the loadings down to be safe in the SAMII chambers with 10 inch twist. What we can hope for is something in addition for the SPCII/DMR and 11 inch twist. Maybe with a disclaimer such as SSA's Tactical Load.

The downloading has occured in other calibers. I know that the 30-06 could be loaded hotter for the new guns with better steel but all commercial loads are kept down to work with the older guns such as the M1 and early Springfields.
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