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Price dropped to $450 shipped CONUS

CMMG 6.8mmSPC 16" Middy for sale.

CMMG 16" 6.8 M10 Mid-Length MedCon Upper

"New 16" 6.8 M10 mid-length MedCon upper. This upper is built around the M10 multi-role barrel and comes with mid-length gas, mid-length handguards, mid-length sight radius and is complete with bolt, carrier and charging handle. CMMG semi auto bolt carriers have the shrouded firing pin to protect against hammer wear. Upper receivers are "T" marked and include extended feed ramp cuts. Features include medium contour barrel, 11 degree recessed target crown, chrome-lined 6.8mm chamber and bore, 1/10 twist, parkerizing under "F" marked forged front sight base and magnetic particle testing on every barrel. When ordering with optional gas block, barrels will not be drilled for taper pins. Barrel is marked CMMG MPC 6.8 1/10. Threaded 5/8x24. May be used with commercial Silver State Ammo."

original sale invoice

Products on order
Product Name -- Product Qty * Price -- Total Price

CMMG 16" 6.8 M10 MedCon Upper (A3, Semi-Auto Carrier, No Bolt Group
Upgrade, No Charging Handle Upgrade, Anodized Ramps, A2 Post, F Marked
Front Sight Base, Round Forward Assist, M4 Handguard-Single Heat Shield,
No Rear Sight) 1 x $559.95 = $559.95

Sub Total : $559.95
Discounts : $0.00
Shipping : $12.00
Tax : $0.00
Grand Total : $571.95

This upper has had about 140 rounds through it. It has been 100% reliable, and accurate.
I need to sell it to finance other projects.

As you can see from the pics, it's in excellent condition, complete with bolt/carrier and charging handle.

$450 shipped CONUS.
Prefer US money Order

First person who emails "I'll take it", gets it.

[blue]derek45auto at yahoo dot com[/blue]

please to not [red]PM [/red]"I'll take it", as I forget to check PM's.

Thanks for the interest.

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v488/derek45/CMMG 6point8/

Note: Bolt/carrier, charging handle, and handguards ARE included

I would consider selling the barrel, handguards, gas tube, delta, flash suppressor. $235 shipped

In other words, everything forward of the delta ring, I would keep the receiver and bolt/carrier.
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