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I used this balistic calculator two years ago for my long range gun. I was very happy with the results. You do need the use of a chronograph (midway 75-150 bucks) for the calculation most other info ie(temp, elevation, barometric pressure) you can get from your local news station. The rest of the formula you get from you reloading component manufactuers. After breaking my rifle in painfully slow I finnaly worked up a accurate load. I had never taken a shot over a 100 yards at the range when on the last day of my deer/rifle season I decided to burn a doe tag. (meat in the freezor) I found a doe 554 yards on an opposing hill (Elk State Forest Pa.) Yardage complements of leupold range finder. I checked my click chart it says 9.3 MOA for 550 Yards so I give the top turret 29 clicks and put the crosshair on her temple (no meat damage). pulled the trigger and she dropped like a stone. I was useing a Remington 700 Sendero SFII in 300 Ultra Mag. with 90.5 Gr of Hodgens Retumbo and 240 gr SMK(I know not recomended for hunting) The gun had been worked on by a freind who specializes in the 700 action and is a licened gunsmith and FFL holder. I highly recomend his work. www.mcrifles.com Montour County Rifles out of Pa. He has great prices and a amazing shop. Anyone with a 700 should take a look he made a custom break and rebedded the action, lapped the lugs , tuned the trigger(breaks like glass) and mounted the scope. He shims the scope so that the rear is elavated giving you all of your elavation clicks for long range. I will hopefully be useing the above ballistic calculator next week because I am the proud owner of a brand new 6.8 XT upper from AR Performance. This upper is badass, love it and can't wait to shoot it. I'll try to take some pics Home and at the range I hope this usefull to someone.
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