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I have several Firearms and some parts that I am looking to sell to fund various new projects.....( 6.8 Pistol and another 6.8 rifle)

Pics on request as soon as I get time.
EDITED TO ADD: Guns are FTF in Florida only for now...but may be willing to negotiate shipping to an out of state FFL depending on who is asking.....

1. Remington 710 .300 Win Mag. Hand painted Desert Camo. Less than 50 rounds fired.
Includes Factory supplied 3-9x Scope,Bipod, Plano Hard Case
Lee Die Set, about 20pcs 1-2X fired brass and bullets-about 80pcs Remington 170gr JHP/ 100pcs 147gr FMJ bullets

NOW $300 FTF in Florida

2. S&W Sigma SW40VE in .40 S&W barely used-maybe 50 rounds-
Stainless Slide
Includes polymer rail adapter.
Wolff all steel guide rod and xtra power spring.
Includes 2 14 round factory mags in factory blue case.


3. S&W Sigma SW40VE in .40 S&W used-approx 500 rounds
Stainless Slide
Wolff all steel guide rod and xtra power spring. Also Includes reduced power striker spring to lighten trigger pull.
Includes 3 factory mags- 2-14 round and one 15 round
Factory blue case
Fobus paddle holster.


I will cover shipping if you want 2 or more of these:

4. A2 Stock.Used. Complete with Buffer, tube and spring.

NOW $50

5. YHM Rifle Length Lightweight Quad rail Forearm. Used.
With endcap installed.
Good condition with light wear and handling marks. Small marks from mounted accessories-light and laser.


6. Vector Scope
1-4x24 with rings, flip caps, 1/4 moa click Target turrets.
First Focal Plane Etched Glass Reticle similar to P4.
Red and Green Illumination. Product of China
Retails for $299 on ebay


Used at April match for good hits out to 500 yards. Holds repeatable zero.

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