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Class III Trust ?

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I am looking into getting into the class III stuff. I hear it is much easier to set up a trust since you dont have to do finger printing, pics, or get your CLEO to sign anything. My question is, would you be able to move the trust if you have to move? I am in the military, and have to move often. I dont want to do the trust route if the trust has to stay in one state and I have to move in another. Thanks for all your help.
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Thanks for the links, my biggest problem is knowing how to fill out the Trust correctly and its ramifications. I had gone through several sites and they contradicted each other.

For example do you list the item as property in the trust when submitting Form 4 or after? Submit Declaration of Trust or just Certification of Trust? What ARE the ramifications of moving across states? Anyway, haven't gone through all the links yet but thanks!
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