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Chrome VS Nitride barrels

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The 5.56 Recon polygonal barrels will be here in a month so what do you guys think Chrome or Nitride? These barrels are lapped to a match finish and should be very accurate right off the machine. Chrome is corrosion resistant but may not be as accurate. Nitride makes the barrel apx 70 Rockwell, to hard to cut with anything but is not as resistant as chrome.
Edited- after researching and talking to the company that performs this process it seems that both the inside and outside of the barrels are more resistant to the salt spray test than are chrome-lined barrels.
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I have several of the nitraded barrels and they seem to clean up easier than my chrome barrels. I went through a carbine course in May and fired 1200 rounds through an LWRC M6A1 in 5.56 with the Nitraded barrel and only ran a bore snake at the end of each day. When I cleaned the barrel at the end of the week it was pretty easy. I used Slip 2000 gun degreaser and let it sit in the bore for about 10 to 15 minutes and ran a bore brush ten times. A few patches to dry and a few more patches with Slip2000 EWL and the barrel was shiny clean. To the naked eye all my nitraded barrels still look new but I don't have a bore scope.
I though Nitro Carburization was a surface conversion not a coating. I could be wrong though....
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