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Check your followers

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I just posted this in the magazine section, but I thought I'd post it here, too. Mods, you can decide.

I just received six CProducts 25 round 6.8 mags from 44Mag.com. Shipping was very prompt. However, when I looked closely, two of the dark gray followers were stamped 5.56 and were clearly not 6.8 followers. The difference was obvious and significant. The other 4 were fine. I emailed 44Mag.com today and got a very quick reply saying they would send me two correct followers. That's important, because I specifically asked them not to make me deal CProducts because, though I wish Larry the best, he owes me three followers and springs for DPMS style 308 mags and I'm losing confidence in his ability to provide them. I really hope I'm wrong.

Anyway, if you bought CP 25 rd mags from 44Mag.com from this last batch that arrived about 6 days ago, check your followers. They should be stamped 6.8, not 5.56. Do not depend on the color alone.

For the record, 44 Mag.com responded promptly and correctly. I do not think this was their fault.

Kerry (the other Kerry)
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Make that TWO Kerry's that Larry at CP owes followers to...

Larry promised me over six weeks ago that he would replace (20) 6.8 Followers that were either unmarked or marked 5.56

After waiting over a week... with no response... I emailed again and he promised they would go out the following day.


Another three weeks passed and I called him only to get his answering machine.

Result: No response.

Larry now does not return my phone calls or emails at all.

And Larry...if you happen to be reading this...I have copies of all correspondence and a log of all our actual or attempted communications.

You simply made a promise that you have chosen not to keep.

Nothing remains in a customer's memory longer than very BAD, unresponsive, customer service and management promises never kept...

I now publicly withdraw any endorsement or positive comment I have made on this forum for CP Mags.

A cheap magazine of average quality at best.... and bottom of the barrel customer service.

Kerry...The first Kerry
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Well... since you brought it up, I'm pretty annoyed, too. My issues with CP are mainly to do with 7.62x39 30 round mags (imaginary?) and, following that, DPMS 19 (?) round mags. Both have just never been right from day one -- and yet they shipped! My 5.56 and 6.8 mags have been pretty good up to now (though I'm not sure I really trust them like USGI or PMags or PRIs), but installing the wrong followers is just ridiculously sloppy. I wish Larry the best, but I suspect he has spent more money replacing problem mags than he has made in sales. I just ordered PRIs from Palmetto, so I guess I've had enough, even at 2.5 times the price...

Kerry (the other Kerry)

PS Kerry, how old are you? I'm 48 (going on 29 :D ), so i might be the 'original' Kerry. What do you think?
Although I am satisfied with the quallity of the few C-Products 6.8 mags I own it's sad to see them STILL slacking in the QC department :oops:
kvincent said:
Kerry (the other Kerry)

PS Kerry, how old are you? I'm 48 (going on 29 :D ), so i might be the 'original' Kerry. What do you think?
I think you would lose that bet...

...I turned 60 last June and have been retired over 5 years...

same problem here. ordered 8 mags to celebrate election day, direct from c products. 6 0f 8 had 5.56 marked followers.
their quality control is really slipping.....
TackDriver68 said:
same problem here.
Really you turned 60 like Kerry? I am sorry. :p :p :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Sorry I just had to.
No, I wasn't referring to my receding hairline.... :mrgreen:

Although it seems it is running like a scared frenchmen theese days....... :shock:
Same problem here... I ordered five 6.8 mags direct from CP. All had grey followers and one was labeled 5.56. I'm not that familier with the difference in the followers, but the 5.56 mag loaded both cartridges with no problem. I only loaded 3 rounds each to see if I could determine the difference, but I can't tell. I have eight more 5.56 mags on a separate order with CP so I will wait to see how things come out in the wash... This is not much of a problem for me since I have both 5.56 and 6.8 uppers. Still, QA at CP sucks...
This thread makes me glad I bought PRIs instead.
This worries me since I ordered a bunch of 25rder just before the group buy then ordered some more for the group buy. I sent them a message over a month ago about a 10rd mag they sent me that was a 5.56 mag body and wouldn't load all the rounds. I have yet to hear a reply on that and sent them a reminder of the situation with my order. Further reason why my Barretts are the only mags I use for non-range related stuff.
There are noticeable differences with the followers. They aren't just mismarked, they are different. 44Mag.com got me my replacements right away and I've already installed them. Can't say enough good about that. But I've pretty much had it with CP...

I have a pic of both followers side by side but no account set up to link them in. Somebody that's able to post them drop me an email address and I'll send them.

Kerry (the other Kerry)
Received replacement followers in mail today. Email their sales department and call them. Eventually you will get through.
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