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Cheapo dedicated .22LR upper... Good deal?

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Hey everyone, I was looking for the most cost-effective dedicated .22LR upper for my AR.

I just found out that the spike's BARFCOM group buy is still open so I can get their basic upper with the M4 handguards and 2 magazines for $550.

However, I found this on Cheaper than Dirt for only $399.

My goal was to stay under $500, but since the Spikes gb offer comes with 2 mags, that is offset about $60.

1st: ignoring prices, what would you do? Go with the proven spike's dedicated upper? Or get the cheaper one from CtD?? Does it make a difference?

And 2nd: taking my HUGE (just kidding) budget into account, what would you do?

Thanks guys. Hopefully someday I'll be the one ANSWERING questions instead of ASKING them all the time! :a22: :a01:
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I say support a good company that will support you in the end if you have any problems. Go with spikes you will be happy, I know I am! Their 22LR upper is easy to clean since it is chromed as well, I cant speak for the other kit from CTD, Oh and who wants a 10rd mag anyways?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts