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There will also be more to come in that area :wink:

What is needed is not $10 a box ammo that is 5+MOA not even 3+moa. But ammo $12-$13 with 2 moa. Now SSA has the best brass by far and there is no way they are ever going to comprise that to meet a price point. You can only get so much out of cutting bullet costs. What needs to happen is a mid case with a cheap bullet. Remington or S&B case with a cheap 100 FMJ. Something like 115 Rem FMJ but at 100 to lower material cost even more. That with enough quality control to get 2 moa and 3ven only 2400 FPS is more then enough for a training plinking round and can be don with the cheapest powders out there. Put that out there at $11-12 a box and it will sell at a break neck pace and will double 6.8 rifle sales.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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