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remat457 said:
Here is an interesting post. One of the gripes with the 6.8spc is the lack of cheap ammo. This is one thing that the 6.5G has. However, as I have often said, Wolf is not my favorite. the cheap 6.5G is about $15/box locally while 6.8SPC Hornady VMAX is $19/box.
How quickly we forget...

MANY of us on this forum bought up to 1200 rounds of QUALITY 6.8 SPC SSA 110g Pro Hunter ammo on the Sportsman's Guide deal back in the Spring for as little as $10.81 per box delivered...!

True...the Sportsman's Guide deal is done....but you can still buy 6.8 SPC SSA 90g SIERRA VARMINTER for $14.98 a box right NOW. I just bought another 400 rounds of the 90g.

Sometimes quality ammo can be cheap too. It just requires some patience and when the opportunity presents itself...the ability to stock up quickly. Timing is everything.

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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