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When sites like those are blocked go to an Proxy surfing sight and use it. It takes you to a online Java surf page that you can then use to surf the net. Then firewall only see that sites IP as its retransmitting the site.


Here try this one http://www.hidemyass.com/

They can come in very handy at times and becasue some of them even encrypt the data admins can see your site surfing even if they manually go thru the logs. Trust me I use to have to decrypt the stuff and block these kinds of things.

very useful info. will use that site.


when i got back from asia and eastern europe last year i could not believe how many .ge and .ru sites were blocked by time warner, java proxies are the only workaround that i've come across. SOOOOOOOOO much knowledge is unattainable to americans just because of disagreements between global isp's, mostly due to a bunch of chickenshit software piracy and the reluctance of european and asian isp's to bother logging and maintaining personally identifiable info on subscribers. did you know that typical $10/month ghetto backstreet asian WIRELESS internet hookup is 50x faster than my 12megabit time warner WIRED connection?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts