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Changed my mind about new SSA brass

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In the past when I have ordered new SSA brass (both from the company and Midway) I never resized it before shooting the first time out. They always came looking great, and I even ran a few through concentricity tests and checked a few for neck-thickness variations and it was excellent quality.

So every time someone has posted, "Should I resize my new brass?" I would post that they are wasting their time and everything was GTG.

I finally got a new batch in (300 cases) for the first time in 9 months, and noticed that at least 5-10 cases per 100 were obviously dented around the case mouth, and I would never load brass in that condition. So I wanted to go on record and say that yes, I am going to FL size all my new brass going forward, and I would recommend that others do as well.

THIS IS NOT A SLAM ON SSA! I noticed a batch of new Lake City 5.56 had the same issue, and don't get me started on Remington cases. Could it be shipping? Possibly, but my Lapua brass is shipped like all the rest and that is never damaged. Then again, I pay a big premium for Lapua. I'm going to chalk it up to all these companies having to run 24/7 to keep up with demand, and frankly it doesn't bother me. I'd rather have a few dented cases if that means I actually have brass on hand... Besides, SSA cases are good for 10+ hot reloads, and I can't really say that about any other brass I use.
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