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I dont know if it is permissible here to pass along deals so if it's not please delete this mods. I've been buying these primers from a seller on Gunbroker and he had the best price on these anywhere, at least that I saw, before this latest frenzy they were $25 per 1k, Ive seen them locally as high as $55 and elsewhere online for anywhere in between and usually closer to $50 than $25.
Anyway, he sold out but I called him and asked if he was getting anymore and he said no but that he had a whole bunch of people cancel their orders so he did in fact have more to sell me. He did raise the price though, they're now $28. Obviously if you can get them elsewhere for this or less, one, I'd like to know where and 2, ignore this.
On Gunbroker his store is PH Brass and Bullets, his name is Patrick Hughes. Super nice dude and he has a great staff too, very helpful and nice.
So, I'm just hoping to be able to help some folks out with a good primer deal. These are the only primers I use really, they do everything I need and they're consistent. Also, they are designed for use in semi-autos, they have a harder, thicker cup to resist slam firing. I do believe they are also considered a magnum primer, they aren't listed, or sold as magnums though.
I was heartbroken when I didnt see them listed in his listings, I have NEVER been able to find these for anywhere close to what he sells them for. Also, I am in no way, shape, or form associated with the seller and benefit in no way from any sales this post might generate.
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