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Tim_W said:
When you put things in perspective its insignificant the money spent.

Yet an area you can save money that has zero effect on quality or performance and people turn away when you mention annealing their case necks which will double the life of the cases which will cut your case cost by 50% and with only 1K cases pay for itself and that is if you buy the most expensive auto annealer on the market.

Just something to think about.
Well you have to pick your battles in life and spend the money where it matters. I have a feeling you'd be shocked by how little most AR-15 owners actually shoot their weapons and therefore, how little a difference the increase in quality of the magazine makes in their life. Seriously, most folks know the .223 is not a really effective round but how many go with it anyway just to save money when they shoot? How many even care enough to move up to the 6.8? And what are the actual chances you'll ever have to defend your life with your weapon? Pretty damn low. In my case, you kick in my door and you'll get greeted with an 8" SBS Saiga 12 gauge, with 21 rounds of tactical 00 buckshot on tap.

I could spend the money on lots of things from stockpiling food in the event of an emergency, to 6.8 SPC magazines, to buying a new, more efficient water heater or for CFL's. That new, more efficient water heater and the CFL's will definitely save me money in the long run unless I die first. That pricier magazine? Well it might save me aggravation but probably not money.

It's all a question of priorities and personal choice and that's what makes this country great, we can make that decision. Personally, I buy PRI magazines for the same reason I bought a Noveske, I find that quality pays for itself in the long run. But I still understand where folks are coming from that want the cheapest solution.

And I also understand that I can't do that everywhere. It's phenomenal how much money you can spend on trivial details when you start buying the best of everything. Sure, I had to replace the toilet hardware in a couple toilets around the house last week. I got good stuff but I didn't buy the best. Why? Well for the same reason that people buy cheaper magazines. You spend it where it matters to you.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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