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Interesting side comment:

I have 2 CP mags that I am using for testing/range use. Both feed well so far, both fit in my LMT lower just fine and drop free.

I bought 10 PRI waffle mags, 5 of them drop free, 4 need a tug out of the mag well, 1 is a real son of a bitch and is REALLY tight. Length front to back when looking down at the mag lips is all over the place dimension-wise.

GI 5.56 mags, 15% of them are snug/very tight in the LMT lower, yet all are fine in 2 Bushmaster lowers (which are generally known to be tight).

I cannot find my receipt for my LMT lower to send it back so I don't even know if LMT will exchange it for one that isn't so tight. (I have to call them Weds and I'll update my situation then).

I find the easier option may be to move the LMT over to my 5.56 carbine and sell the 15% of my mags that don't drop free, and use the 5.56's old lower on my new 6.8 - at least then 90% of the 6.8 mags will drop free/not need a sharp tug to get them out of the lower.

So based up on my admittedly small sample, I can't say that I'm impressed with LMT or PRI as neither play nice with each other. :shock:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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