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paulosantos said:
Tim_W said:
until they don't :wink:

Or until the dropped dirty kicked stepped on extra. I will stick with PRI when lives are at stake like my wife and little girls and CP when there not or for playing games
How do you really feel about the C-Products mags? :lol: :lol: :lol:

It is obvious that you don't like the C-Products mags for whatever reason. I honestly think that they are good mags, especially for the price and I would have no problems using them. I don't see them being that much different in quality over the USGI 556 mags. Shit, even Stephen_ATS loves them and think the PRI are pieces of crap. Go figure. I just think that you are a little too harsh on the C-Products mags. They are what they are. The last thing we need is to piss off C-Products and have them turn around and just stop making them. I know if I was a company making an affordable mag that worked very well and kept hearing shit from the 6.8SPC experts, I'd seriously consider just saying fuck it. What's the point of making them when I could be focusing on other products such as the .308 and AR-47 mags? Just my opinion.

I have to agree with Paulo on this one...

Sorry Tim, But I have old "goldfish" GI issue ALUMINUM body M16 mags from Vietnam that have been stepped on, beat up, dropped repeatedly, left fully loaded for years...and they still function reliably.

Now take a CP mag with a more durable Stainless Steel body and a follower that is a third generation improved version...and I would take these into combat conditions without hesitation. They are easily an improvement on the older GI issue 5.56 mags.

BTW..I have disassembled about 10 of the newest CP mags and have compared the springs to GI issue and see no apparent differences or shortcuts in quality. They may not be Tubbs quality springs, but they appear to be as good as GI issue.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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