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C Products kudos!

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I wanted to share with everyone the great experience that I had with C Products. I recently returned some 25 round magazines that wouldn't feed properly and looked like used aluminum GI M16 mags. Yesterday, I received my replacement magazines and WOW what a difference! The new SS magazines have a wonderful black finish and the overall build and function look to be pretty darn close to my Barrett and HK magazines. The spring tension was on par with my other magazines vs what I returned which were weak IMHO. Maybe what I returned was some old stock that was stuck somewhere?

Anyway, I wanted to say "Thank you" to C Products for replacing my magazines with no questions asked and for producing what looks to be a great product. It's nice to see a company stand behind their products like C Products has with me.

Black45 :D
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Thats good to hear. I had waited almost three months for them to mail me my mags, but they never came. After several phone calls I had still gotten no where. That was until I got a hold of a different customer service rep. and he sincerely apologized, and informed me that they were no longer producing the mags that I had ordered and he didnt know why I wasnt informed sooner. He then refunded the money.

Sorry for thread jacking here but I just wanted to share my somewhat positive outcome with their company as well, despite the fact that I still dont have the mags I needed.
My buddy and I are still waiting after ordering some mags over a month ago.
Just my observations based on threads here and ARF.com - C Products customer service experiences vary greatly, and Larry spends an awful amount of time exchanging stuff that should have been correct to begin with. I've never dealt with C Prodcuts directly but I give him credit for taking the time to do this. However, he's also got to make his mags more easily identifiable. IE the marlube stainless steel 30 rd 5.56 and 25 rd. 6.8 SPC mags look the same to the untrained eye. Having a stamped "SS" on the side does no one any good if they look alike. Either stamp the caliber on the body or the follower (which they have started to do).

ETA - I've seen some of their SS 5.56 mags and these had grey Magpul followers and were marked ".223/5.56 SS". Like others have stated before, the 6.8 mags have much shallower ribs than the 5.56 towards the rear of the mag.
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I wish I had a good report. I bought mine over a year ago directly from Cproducts and as soon as they arrived I saw that all my 6.8 mags had rusting springs. the 8 5.56 mags per GTG but the 8 6.8 mags were POS in my opinion as they had rusty springs and the rounds pointed straight out instead of slightly up. well I called CProducts and they sai they had no replacements in stock but would give me a call when they came in. well its been over a year with lots of left messages and emails. Larry even told me on ARFCOM to call Sarah and she would take care of me, but guess what I never got to speak to Sara, left her voic mails but no response.

I guess with all my aggravation over this that unless I want to look at them and think about how I threw that money away on a bad product I might as well take them out shooting next time and use them, as targets.

sign me pissed at Cproducts
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I got half of my order (25 rd'ers and 17rd'er) but have yet to get the remaining 4 10rd mags from em that I ordered back on nov 3. Figure one more week then hell with it. Kinda irritating when they charge your card a month and a half but no product in hand. Guess I shoulda just went with PRI to start with and been done with it. :oops:
I'm sorry that I started this. More importantly, I'm sorry that several of you have had issues with C Products. I will tell you that Sarah was very helpful but it took me several calls to get through and then they couldn't find my return shipment even though I had delivery confirmation. Let's hope that these mags work as well as they look.

I would agree that the 6.8 mags need better identification. I guess that I have to do that myself.

Larry seems like a good guy and the stainless bodies seem very strong, but the Quality Control is just laughable -- or at least it would be if they didn't have your money and you had a big bag of air. See my post about 'Check your followers'. And this isn't my first rodeo with CProducts. I started with 6.8 25 round aluminums, then went to 30 round 7.62x39 (disaster!), then DPMS style 308 (supposedly) 20 rounders -- 19! + bad followers -- and now the wrong gray followers in my SS 25 round 6.8s. Weeks and weeks passed in each case with no communication and no action. When does it end? I guess the answer for me is: Now. In the current political climate, if you need 25 round 6.8 mags then bite the bullet and order the PRIs. I just ordered some from Palmetto (a site sponsor) last week and they were in stock.

Good luck Larry. I wish you the best and have no hard feelings.

Kerry (the other Kerry)

PS The stainless steel bodies on the 5.56 and 6.8 mags are nice, but when the OP says they have a 'wonderful black finish' he fails to mention that it so SHINY that it will reflect moonlight! Seriously. I hate it and plan to spray paint all 20 of my SS teflon coated mags CProducts mags. They might make for nice, shiny gun porn, but not much else.
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Well, I finally made it to the range to try my new C Products mags and they worked just fine. A big improvment over what I returned. And yes there should be a better visual marking of 5.56 vs 6.8 mags.
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