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BVAC ammo loaded hot?

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Does anyone know if the BVAC ammo is loaded light or hot?

I couldn't tell from shooting, but I just review my brass, and 85%+ had case swipes.

The primers didn't look flattened but the may be small primers.

I was shooting back in January, 30-40 degrees F outside. No major ammo dumps.

Barrell is a Cardinal Armory 18" SPR, and it slugged just fine.

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I have only fired 5 rounds 110 gr VMax from BVAC but all I can see on the case heads is that the primers show a little flattening compared to unfired rounds. I think some flattening is normal especially if they are not using a harder cup primer like the CCI #41. I don't know what they use as the BVAC site does not have a lot of info available. I shot the 5 rounds in a light snowfall probably about mid 30* temps. I didn't notice any difference in the recoil from the Remington FMJ that I shot but I wasn't looking for any. I was only function firing and swapped off my Remington brass and ammo for more BVAC so I can't compare anything with the different cases. The BVAC uses SSA brass with small rifle primers and the Remington used large and I only wanted the small and the best.

BVAC now offers a 130 gr SP loading but I have no other info on it.
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ron169 said:
You could get on the list for Paulo's SPCII reamer. Shouldnt cost much and you can see how much material is removed
Just finished using the reamer tonight and there is not much material removed because it is only opening up the throat something like 0.05 inches but this may be 0.005 inch. I don't recall exactly but others do know. It is a quick simple job following the instructions and there is not much material removed. The pressure reductions from doing this IIRC are in the 3-5000 psi range.
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