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Bushnell Scope with Firefly

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They have been around for a while.Have not looked at one ,so I am looking for input as to good/bad. Need it as a deer -plinking scope.The Extreme upper is on the way. If I were to go with a 3-9-50 , would the bell be a bit too much ? I was told the ret is thick.Also any site with a good price will help. Thanks
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Thanks for the input. I went ahead and ordered a 3200 3-9-40 w/firefly. Price was right and if it doesnt work out ,it goes on the slug gun.I need it for the weee hours of light.We shall see how it plays out.
Did not have a whole lot of time .Just got the scope from Natchez today (fast shipping) 3-9-40 w/Firefly Cross hairs did seem a little heavy at first.But looking through tree and brush areas you could pick it out real nice.I charged the ret for about a minute with my mini mag and it was good to go for about 45 plus min.The cross hairs thinned out as well when lit up.lThe ret steps down from 2 widths to a fine cross hair.You could use it as a comp with a little practice.So far I am happy with it .When it is up and running on the rifle I will report back.For $ 200 to my door I feel I am good to go for now.
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