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Bushnell Scope with Firefly

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They have been around for a while.Have not looked at one ,so I am looking for input as to good/bad. Need it as a deer -plinking scope.The Extreme upper is on the way. If I were to go with a 3-9-50 , would the bell be a bit too much ? I was told the ret is thick.Also any site with a good price will help. Thanks
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I have the Elite 3200 1.5x4.5x32 with the Firefly.

I'm not impressed with the Firefly option. Pure hype.

However, it's a good scope. Bright and clear. It also has the Rainguard coating which does work.

I got mine off the Sample List for $149. I'm real happy with it.

This is the second Elite 3200 scope I've bought. I have the 10x mildot scope. That one is a winner and a real sleeper at $180.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts