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Election purchase Bushmaster gov't 20" flattop upper, with BFG Universal Wire Loop installed at the Delta nut. Full auto carrier contracted by FN, carrier internals from G&R, BCM bolt, forged charging handle. (Chrome lined barrel and carrier.) 200 rounds, zero failures…better than new, since PK Firearms re-assembled the barrel nut to take out the canting. $780 delivered or $750 FTF in Tucson. Larue BUIS optional for $90.

For Tucson, I would consider trading complete AR with for an FAL or DPMS 308. Must be medcon or lighter, 18-21", no carbine gas. Two choices of lowers: RRA with A2, and CMMG with CTR. Will also swap mags/ammo.

Please email me at [email protected]
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