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Burris PEPR from Midway

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Bought a Burris PEPR mount. Pretty sure I ordered a 1" model. When it showed up and I tried to mount the scope there was no way my LEupold VX1 2x7x33 scope! The rings were huge! I mic'ed the rings with my calipers and they came out to 30mm. The package said 1" rings. I think the package just had the wrong label or the right label with wrong item in it. Anyone else have a similar issue with this mount or Midway USA? Am I missing something like some sort of spacer that was supposed in the package or I was supposed to order to get 30mm rings down to 1"?
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well, look on the bright side, shouldnt be hard at all to sell that mount for what you have in it. Its really in demand.
I just got a Burris PEPR 1" from SWFA a couple weeks ago. It fits on my 1" scope perfectly.

I have one of each from SWFA. They were sent labeled right and packed right. Sounds like a factory goof though, not a Midway one.
Get w/ Midway. I'm sure they'll exchange it for the 1" one. Unless of course you were looking for an excuse to buy a 30mm scope.
I'm sending it back tomorrow. I figured it was a factory goof. Midway is a good company, I'm confident they'll make it right. At least I won't be looking at an unmounted scope all weekend and next week since I get to play Army at drill this weekend and then go on vacation for a week. Hopefully it and my Mk68 will be here when I get back next Sunday. I wish I could just buy a 30mm scope, but Household 6 just figured out how much I've spent on this project and I think I'm lucky I'm getting to complete it. All I have to do is replace her white gold engagement ring setting with a platinum one in order to continue to build ARs. It's ok guys, I know I'm whipped, but she's smoking hot, loves to shoot, fish, my dogs, and likes to go to the gym. She's also joining the army reserve as a nurse this month so I think you can all understand.

I'll update this post and put up pictures when I get the replacement and get it mounted on the Mk68.

I returned it to Midway and asked for an exchange for the right size, they didn't exchange it but they did refund my money. I don't think they believed me that they were 30mm rings in a box marked 1" rings. I know they were 30mm because I got out my calipers and measured them! 30mm on the dot.
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