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Bullet choices...

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New to the 6.8, have had different thoughts on bullet choice, originally I had leaned toward the 90 gn. bullets from Sierra and Speer, my intended uses include coyote,(2 and 4 legged) at short to moderate distance w/ an Eotech, after having read numerous posts on this forum, I ordered 1500 115 gn. bullets(Sierra MK's and Remmy 115 FMJ's), some of your posts talk about better accuracy w/ the 90's, how well do they hold-up at any distance? My experience would lean toward heavier bullets beyond 200 yds. Forgive me, newbie(to the 6.8), I appreciate any and all input, criticism, also, which powders have performed best for you, I have a fair amount of H335, that was my intended powder. Thanks, steer me in the right direction! Russ
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The Speer 90 Gr. TNT with 33-34 Gr. of H335 should be a great load. H4198 also works great for the 90 Gr. bullets.
The 115 Gr. bullets are OK, but the velocties are much lower than the 90's. For the 115 Gr. bullets, you can go up to 29.5 Gr. of H335.
45/70 Govt said:
Thanks for the input guys, kick myself in the butt for not following my first impressions on th 90's! Guess I'll have to burn 1500 115's! Gonna order some 90's tommorrow! We do coyote drives, just like deer drives, hardly ever have the chance to shoot beyond 200 yds. Shoulda thunk(thick skull!!!) that 90's would have been optimal for this application. Must be the Norwegion in me! Lena's callin, gotta go! Russ
You can easily sell those Remington 115 Gr. bullets.
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