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Bullet choices...

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New to the 6.8, have had different thoughts on bullet choice, originally I had leaned toward the 90 gn. bullets from Sierra and Speer, my intended uses include coyote,(2 and 4 legged) at short to moderate distance w/ an Eotech, after having read numerous posts on this forum, I ordered 1500 115 gn. bullets(Sierra MK's and Remmy 115 FMJ's), some of your posts talk about better accuracy w/ the 90's, how well do they hold-up at any distance? My experience would lean toward heavier bullets beyond 200 yds. Forgive me, newbie(to the 6.8), I appreciate any and all input, criticism, also, which powders have performed best for you, I have a fair amount of H335, that was my intended powder. Thanks, steer me in the right direction! Russ
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The 90 gr bullet hands down are what you want. They are super accurate and have a flatter trajectory with less drop then any of the 115s and all but the TTSX, Accubond and is about tied with the Vmax. When you match up the info from the different ones the 90s beat all in accuracy expect for the PH and sometimes the SMKS but they shoot much much flatter then either. The vmax is a close match in general perf but the 90 destroys it in accuracy as the vmax is next to impossible to get consistent accurate groups. THE accubond beats it and can get close to the same accuracy but is much more $$$ and is to tough for varmints. The 90 sierras tend to have the same accuracy but has far worse trajecotry. The 90 Speer TNT look for the 650 count value packs. Best accuracy can be had with H322, Rel 7, H4198, Norma 200 with top vel from Norma 200, Rel 7, AA1680, and H4198
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