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Bullet choices...

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New to the 6.8, have had different thoughts on bullet choice, originally I had leaned toward the 90 gn. bullets from Sierra and Speer, my intended uses include coyote,(2 and 4 legged) at short to moderate distance w/ an Eotech, after having read numerous posts on this forum, I ordered 1500 115 gn. bullets(Sierra MK's and Remmy 115 FMJ's), some of your posts talk about better accuracy w/ the 90's, how well do they hold-up at any distance? My experience would lean toward heavier bullets beyond 200 yds. Forgive me, newbie(to the 6.8), I appreciate any and all input, criticism, also, which powders have performed best for you, I have a fair amount of H335, that was my intended powder. Thanks, steer me in the right direction! Russ
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The 90gr TNT's should work quite well for Coyotes. The Remington 115gr FMJ is a good training bullet for CQB type stuff. I fired 25 of them into a quarter size group at 25 yards in aimed rapid fire the other day. I wouldn't use them for any kind of hunting as I don't know what the terminal ballistic performance would be. Welcome to the 6.8 but beware, it's addictive! :D
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