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Building/assembling first ak47

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I am going to purchase an NP3 receiver from nodakspud.

That is where I will begin.

Anyone have experience here. Where should I accquire the barrel and necessary parts.
I know what trigger group, handguards, grip, stock and forend to get but thats it.

I have no clue what I am doing here.
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I got 1. WASR-10, built it up full tactical w/ Samson rail and an Aimpoint Comp 2. My theory of the AK, tons of surplus ammo and doesn't need lubed or cleaned. This gun will keep you alive when the SHTF hands down. I absolutely love my 2 6.8's.
This is my second time visiting the build idea... more often than not I am steered in the direction of just buying a off the shelf one instead... It may serve me even better if I get a used one through private party transfer.
I dont want an out of spec heap just for the luxury of saying I built it....

I got kinda aroused again when I saw the NDS3 receiver for 60.00 and found some compliance parts for pretty cheap. I knew I would use ultimak goodies and which trigger group I would get. My problem is I dont think I am prepared tool wise to take on the task...

I can shoot well with them and getting to an optimal standard is no biggie... they take a beating, run forever and cost is around .25 a shot or less depending on what I buy... one thing I like about the sks/ak is that they eat what you feed them and dotn complain about it... they get dirty and keep shooting.

What would be a good production AK ???
Romanian WASR-10 works well for me.
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