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Buffer for MK68 Recon

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I know this has been beat to death on a carbine buffer. I bought a CTR Mil-spec stock, tube, carbine spring and buffer. After waiting a couple of months for the MK68 Recon upper to show up. I just noticed I have an H-buffer (carbine) with standard spring. I am in the process in breaking in the barrell, But the Recon spits the SSA TNT 90 right at 3:30.

Any or what issues would I face by keeping the H buffer. What if I purchase SSS spring for it as well? I plan to reload my own to H's load data: 90 TNT, 85 TSX, 100 nosler Accubonds if become available.
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As long as the rounds are ejecting fine then your are good to go.
No worries glad I could be of help... in the 16 inch use the RE7 if you have it for the 90's and 85's
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