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Browning 22 ammo

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Heads up on the new Browning 22lr ammo; the 40gr hollow points appear to be CCI Velocitors. Browning has contracted these under their name brand and logo. They advertise 1435fps and look identical to the latest batch of Velocitors that I purchased. Cabela's is selling them for $10.99/100 which is a great price for Velocitors. I shot a few for test purpose and they have a nice 'crack' to them.
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Might need to try them out, I mostly use the CCI Stingers.
We bought some about a month ago at Academy. 400 rnds, $22.99

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The bulk packs are standard velocity 1255fps, not Velocitors

These are the hollow point 100/box. They have 3 different loads. 37gr segmented 50/box, 40gr round nose bulk and the 40gr hollow point 100 packs.
The bulk packs are standard velocity 1255fps, not Velocitors
That's correct, still not a bad price.
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