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Border Shift Bag

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Dillion Border shift ammo bag. Anyone use one? I've used these for years. I love their ease of use. I load up as many rounds that will fit in on side and as you shoot you put the empties in the other side. Works great.
I reloaded 500 45acps last night. While I was dumping them in the bag I thought about telling everyone about them. It's a product I use all the time and never think a thing about it.

http://www.dillonprecision.com/#/conten ... __Ammo_Bag
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I use a bag similar to it. My brass catcher bag is a leftover from my first cell phone. It says BellSouth Mobility on the cover. They are about the same size, but I still have to sort :( That's a nice looking bag. Thinking about stocking them?
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