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Well, my CZ 527 started life as a lefty .223 and is now a 6.8.

I used a Remington take off 700 stainless barrel that has a 1 in 11" twist. Bolt face opened, 7.62x39 bottom metal and magazinwes used, and barrel at about 19 1/2".

Accuracy and velocity with factory 110 grain loads has been excellent with higher than published speeds (at least by a little).

I think if you really wanted to use the heavier bullets, you would be better served with a faster twist rate, however if I feel I need more bullet weight, I'll go to a .30 caliber round like my .308 or .30-06.

Just my $.02 based ona very handy accurate little rifle I have here that has become one of the ones that will remain in my armory for life.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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