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after doing some serious .50 upper shopping...I ordered a Bohica from Chris around the end of feb 08 when they were still the mk2 and 995.00.... I paid 0.00 down and made my way on the list of hopeful owners.... I chose BohicaArms for a few solid reasons and those were...
1. price
2. service = no money down and 6 mo wait , cant beat that
3. all other .50 upper manufacturers which will remain nameless were either way overpriced or had thier head too far up thier own arses...they also wanted all the money up front and had a year or more wait(phuk that)
4.quality and workmanship( I saw one of these at the local gun store and that phuker was built like a tank)
5. investing in the little guys of the business world

So.... I have been patinetly waiting while others are chewing thier fingers off over the anticipation and finally after going over the estimated date by 5 mos , I get "the call" ... he then took my cc , finalized my order details and gave me a delivery date of valentines day.... he even upgraded to the mk3 platform free of charge....

good things come to those who wait boys... here is a picture of his product...

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owenslee said:
I'm still looking forward to my call....but my order came several months after yours.

Apparently he has been cranking them out a bit faster now that he machines everything himself and does not have to wait on "supplies"... He is still a one man shop at this time...
I was called in mid january but I missed it...Then they called again a week or so later and I was ASSURED that if I paid in full, my upper would be shipped no later than 2/15/09..... Chris told me himself "no bullshyt" and hes pretty hardcore at times, so I believe him.... I have seen one of these in person and spent about 30 minutes fondling it... By far my favorite.... beats the serbu and safety harbor any day in looks , craftsmanship and price....
I was thinking of shooting a car... :twisted:
I know he assured me it will ship by the 15th.... he sure does have a wierd way of doing things... I ordered 2/08 and didnt get called till 1/08 ...you orderd 3/08 and get called for pif 11/08.... you still have nothing yet??? maybe there are some factors with the 30" barrel and match chambering that make it slower to ship... sounds like a fubar system to me...

let me know
jerrykn said:
Ya got me wondering what might be up with my order Black Lion so I just sent off an email to Chris to try and get an update.

Heres hoping both of ours ship tomorrow.

apparently...the answer to our question is....

BOHICA wrote:

"This is EXACTLY the case. This is why I refuse to give order #'s anymore.

Also the order # you are refering to would have been converted to a MKIII and order #'s were reset.

I AM building uppers in the chronological order that the orders were received. BUT I am builing them in batches by feature. I.E DTC chambers vs. BMG chambers. Fluted BBLS vs. std bbls, and by length. this DOES speed up the process.

I HAVE been waiting for some parts froma vendor that spend 3 months working on a part, then decided that it was too dificult for them to do cost effectivly, so they abandoned the job and left me hanging. I've been running 18 hour days to catch up to make up for the time they [email protected]%$ed me out of.

HANG IN THERE, I've got enough parts to clear all of the paid orders, just gotta get ém assembled now."

Chris Rosequist
BOHICA Arms Corp

12 Feb 2009, 3:33 pm
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